The Johannesburg Art Scene from the 60's to the 90's


Gallery 101 Johannesburg

Images of its directors and staff




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Gallery 101 Rand Central, 165 Jeppe Street, Johannesburg


Fernand F. Haenggi - Gallery 21 street level gallery Johannesburg - 1966

Fernand F. Haenggi - Gallery 21 street level gallery -  in 1966

The image shows from front left to back: works by Johan VAN HEERDEN, Ernst DE JONG, Walter BATTISS, Lily SACHS, Rhona STERN and on table a sculpture by George JAHOLKOWSKI.


Gia Lindstam and Mme Haenggi at NICRO Art Dealers Fair in Johannesburg August 1973

Gia Lindstam and Mme FML Haenggi in 1973


Joyce Fourie in 1969 with her early portrait by Maurice van Essche

Joyce Fourie, gallery custodian, with her portrait, an early work by Maurice van Essche.

Her husband was well-known actor Gabriel Bayman. In 1963, Joyce had been with the Adler Fielding Galleries, Johannesburg. She joined Gallery 101 early 1969.


Moses BEE Gamatjie worked at Gallery 101 from 1967 to 1973, previously at Adler Fielding Galleries Johannesburg

Moses Bee Gamatjie was a trusted staff member of Gallery 101 from 1967 till 1973, having been with Adler Fielding Galleries for the previous 10 years (portrait by Waalko Dingemans)


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