James Serole MPHAHLELE

James MPHAHLELE - Dialoga portfolio - Part 18

"On their way home", 1987 - masonite print on paper - Image 39x61.5 cm

PELMAMA Register AAMC JMPH 87/18



Here we see the people on their way home, the Elders close to the young men, while the women are maintaining a distance according to tradition. The three women in front are in a happy mood. The older one is holding a broom, calling out: "eu ... eu ... eu ... lili ... lili ... lili ... ngwakwana ka ... ngwakwana ka ... khutŝi ... khutŝi ... khutŝi ... Pŝhagaa ... Pŝhagaa", until arrival at home.


The Haenggi Foundation Inc., Johannesburg/Basel

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