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ART 5'74 - Gallery 21 presentation of SA art

ART 5'74 BASEL - partial view of the Gallery 21 booth 15.175 showing left to right paintings by Tadeusz Jaroszynski, sculptures by Zoltan Borbereki and Lucas Sithole, incised wood panels by Cecil Skotnes and mosaics by Armando Baldinelli.


ART 5'74 Basel - Gallery 21 booth

ART 5'74 BASEL - partial view of the Gallery 21 booth, showing a mosaic by Armando Baldinelli, paintings by Walter Battiss and in discussion Caroline and Fernand F. Haenggi with SA artist Annette Magid



Additional images can be seen on these public albums:

ART5'74 Basel - Gallery 21 stand - 13 views

13 views of exhibition stand


Baldinelli and Borbereki on sight-seeing tour of Basel during the ART5'74 in 1974


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