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An updated research library is available in Basel, by appointment, with over 1000 files and hundreds of books and publications, going back to the late 50's, relating to the South African art scene.



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Duplicate books in perfect condition on South African art and art history, mainly out of print, are available through our office in Basel, gratis but only to museums or public libraries in Switzerland or Germany, subject to meeting costs of posting.

South African based parties are requested to refer to the SA Book Sellers Association's list at or to in particular.

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For a listing of the monographs available to researchers for viewing in Basel, per October, 2014 list, click on this link!

Lists of other titles in Basel to follow shortly (SA Art History, other subjects)!


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Out-of-print limited editions



Here is a list of out-of-print limited editions still available:

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(b. 1908 Ancona, Italy, d. 2002 Johannesburg, RSA)

ISBN: 0-620-01686-8

"BALDINELLI 1960-1974"

Publ.: 1974 Gallery 21 Book Publishers, London & Johannesburg


Author: Natalie Knight

Introduction by: Dr Albert Werth

38 col. + 43 b/white plates

Fine Arts: paintings + assemblages + mosaics + orig. graphics

Limited ed. of 250, numbered and signed by the artist 

with original litho (image on request) (ed. 250), numbered + signed by the artist - only 3 copies left, ex Basel



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(b. 1907 Ronaszek, Hungary, d. 1992 Johannesburg, RSA)

ISBN: 0-620-04855-7

"BORBEREKI Sculptures in semi-precious stones" 

Publ.: 1981 Gallery 21 Johannesburg


Author: F.F. Haenggi

Introduction by: Zoltan Borbereki + Daniel Kovacs

33 col. + 12 b/white plates

Fine Arts: sculptures in stone and bronze

Limited ed. "A" and "B" of 100 ea., numbered + signed by the artist 

with original woodcut:

A100: Xhosa with painted face (image available on request)

B100: Pondo with tribal wear

only 2 copies of "A" edition left, ex Basel.



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BOSCH, Esias 

(b. 1923 Winburg OFS, South Africa)

ISBN: 0-947-43006-7


Publ.: 1988 Struik Winchester, Cape Town


Author: Andrée Bosch/Johann de Waal

Foreword by: Hym Rabinowitz

more than 200 col. + numerous  b/white plates

Fine Arts: ceramics (earthenware, stoneware, porcelain) - a tribute to South Africa's greatest ceramic artist

Standard ed. of 2500, no. 266 (in addition, there is a Collector's ed. of 100 copies) 

only 1 copy left, ex Basel - reserved for ceramics museums only



Norman CATHERINE - Last letters from the wilderness


(b. 1949 East London, CP, South Africa)

ISBN: n/a

"LAST LETTERS from the wilderness"

Publ.: 1978 Joburg Records

English + Afrikaans

Text: ©Ramsay Mackay 

Illustrations: ©Norman Catherine 

15 col. + numerous  b/white plates

Fine Arts: airbrush & drawings 

Poetry + short stories about S.A.

The companion piece of an L.P. titled BOSBOKRAND by Ramsay Mackay

Standard ed., signed by Norman Catherine

Only 3 copies left ex Basel.




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