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Gallery 21 Johannesburg and its London branch

Gallery 21's premises in London between 1974 and 1976



1974 - 1976

Gallery 21 London - 1974 opening exhibition showing Joan Miró, Zoltan Borbereki

Gallery 21 London - October 1974 - opening exhibition at 16a Grafton Street, London W1

This image shows a few works from the "Barcelona 1972-73" series by Joan MIRÓ, acquired from Sala Gaspar, Barcelona. These were shown in both the street level and basement gallery of Gallery 21 London, together with recent sculptures in semi-precious stone by Zoltan BORBEREKI. Steps behind the wall left at the back lead to Basement Gallery, to the right behind the wall was the office.


Gallery 21 London - Basement Gallery - 1974

Gallery 21 London - Basement Gallery - South wall - with works by Joan Miró and Lucas Sithole - 1974


 Gallery 21 London - Basement Gallery - 1974 - with works by SITHOLE, BALDINELLI and Joan MIRO

Gallery 21 London - Basement Gallery - North wall - with works by Joan Miró , Armando Baldinelli and Lucas Sithole. Next to the steps was the framing section.


The gallery was situated in a new building in London's gallery centre, very near to Cork Street. The premises were completed in record time by David Morgan and his crew, in the Moorish style of the mother gallery, Gallery 21 Hyde Park, Sandton/Johannesburg, under the supervision of adviser David Krut.


Gallery 21 London, 1975 - view from 13a Grafton St onto Albemarle St

View from Gallery 21 London onto Albemarle Street W.1. - 1975

The illustration shows sculptures in semi-precious stones, wood and perspex, by Zoltan BORBEREKI as well as mosaic panels by Armando BALDINELLI.

The Marlborough Gallery in Albemarle Street was only a few steps away, Wartski's were its immediate neighbours. 


Gallery 21 London - artists in stock 1975

Gallery 21 London - gallery card listing the artists in stock (1975)

The illustration shows sculptures by Zoltan BORBEREKI, Berrell JENSEN, Lucas SITHOLE, mosaics by Armando BALDINELLI, a painting by Tadeusz JAROSZYNSKI, stoneware by Esias BOSCH.


And here is a map, slightly amended from the original download from!

Gallery 21 London in 1974-1976 - adjusted sitemap ©Wartski London


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