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Judith MASON "Movement of a Lion", 1968 - oil/board, mixed media - 90x183 cm (PELMAMA)

"Movement of a lion", 1968 - oil/board, mixed media - 90x183 cm

PELMAMA Register MAMS JMAS 68/01



Work donated in 2009 to the Pretoria Art Museum, Pretoria (loaned since 1992)



The Haenggi Foundation Inc., Johannesburg

Gallery 21, Johannesburg

Gallery 101, Johannesburg


Work illustrated:

ARTLOOK 28, Johannesburg - March, 1969, p. 6

ARTLOOK 33, Johannesburg - August, 1969, p. 30


Artist's Explanation:

“This is an ambiguous painting in that it can read purely as a description of a lion or as a development of two theological ideas. In legends the lion was a symbol of resurrection as early naturalists believed the male lion breathed on his cubs three days after their birth and they, born dead, received life. The form in the landscape below the line has evolved from an idea of Edith Sitwell in her poem about atomic warfare called ‘Shadow of Cain’ where the splitting of the atom is mentioned as well the sepulchre and the womb. Two slices of eroded cow sculls were used to represent the split sepulchre, enclosed in a uterine form. The colours are derived from the Transvaal winter veldt.”


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