James Serole MPHAHLELE

James MPHAHLELE - Dialoga portfolio - Part 1

"Carrying the sheep skins", 1987 - masonite print on paper - ed. 1/75 - Image 39.5x99.5 cm

PELMAMA Register AAMC JMPH 87/01



The men are carrying sticks with red sheep skins, which have been inspected, from the Chief's Kraal or Capital to the initiation lodge. They are arranged in order of seniority according to the different kraals and their totems, i.e. the kraal that has a lion as their totem will not be mixed with the elephant, buffalo, buck, etc.


This work exhibited:

Galerie der Kulturstiftung, Unterseen / Interlaken - 1995/96

Galerie Rosengarten, Thun (Kreuz + Quer) - 1996

Artimex Fine Arts, Basel - 1997/98


The Haenggi Foundation Inc., Johannesburg/Basel

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