James Serole MPHAHLELE

James MPHAHLELE - Dialoga portfolio - Part 2

"Running from the lodge", 1987 - masonite print on paper - Image 35x98 cm

PELMAMA Register AAMC JMPH 87/02



The young men are running from the burnt down and demolished lodge (at the left of picture) to the village and nobody is allowed to look back at the burning lodge (Mphatho/Moroto). They make a circle with their heads bent down. Their Elders are running next to them so as to shelter them from the women and uninitiated people. The man next to the entrance of the kraal (at right of picture) is their medicine man. The Rod of Honour is planted firmly in the middle of the young men's circle.


The Haenggi Foundation Inc., Johannesburg/Basel

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