James Serole MPHAHLELE

James MPHAHLELE - Dialoga portfolio - Part 14

"Return from the Paramount Chief", 1987 - masonite print on paper - ed. 6/75 - Image 53x39 cm

PELMAMA Register AAMC JMPH 87/14



The Elders are always sheltering the young men who are seen returning from the Paramount Chief, having made their greetings. The Paramount Chief commanded his followers to slaughter two or three cows, the young men danced for him, and African beer was plentiful.


This work exhibited:

Artimex Fine Arts, Basel - 1997/98


Work illustrated:

"Back to the Future: International Prints 1985-1991" - Australian National Gallery, Canberra, Australia (exhibition brochure Sept/Dec. 1991)


The Haenggi Foundation Inc., Johannesburg/Basel

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