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The Ceramic Collection 

The PELMAMA PERMANENT ART COLLECTION also included ceramics by various SA and international artists, most of which are now to be seen in various museums in South Africa.

Stoneware by Esias Bosch at PAM ref. 1, 2, 3 Lucie Rie 1968 at PAM Ref. 4 a+b Stoneware by Esias Bosch at PAM ref. 15, 16, 17

A selection of ceramics by Esias Bosch and Lucie Rie were donated to the Pretoria Art Museum in 2009.

All ceramic pieces from various artists donated to the Pretoria Art Museum in 1991 are listed here!


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The beginnings

Here follow a few notes about The Haenggi Foundation Inc., administrators of the PELMAMA PERMANENT ART COLLECTION:


Registration under the Acts

Registered in 1978 in Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa, as an Association NOT FOR GAIN under Sect. 21 of the Companies Act (Reg. No. 78/00213/08), registered under the (former) FUND-RAISING ACT, Act 107/1978, under FR. No. 01 100270 000 5.


Some of its objects 

  1. To promote the best of South African art locally and internationally, by various means;

  2. To assist in the establishment of specialised schools for the visual and performing arts, in Soweto and other centres.


Original 7 Subscribers to the Memorandum of Association

OM 1 LUCAS SITHOLE SA died in South Africa in May, 1994
OM 2 TIM MORRIS SA died in South Africa in 1990
OM 3 P.A. CLARKE UK left for the U.K. 1988
OM 4 J.E. NICHOLSON SA left for the U.K. 2001
OM 5 GORDON NICHOLSON SA died in South Africa Sept. 1988
OM 6 L.E. NICHOLSON SA left for the U.K. 2001
OM 7 F.M.L. HAENGGI CH died in Switzerland in July, 2000


First Corporate Member

Galrand Holdings (Pty) Ltd., trading as GALLERY 21, Johannesburg (1978 - 1994), a company wholly owned by the initiator of this Project, who also acted as Hon. Secretary of The Haenggi Foundation Inc. since its inception.


Public Membership

The number of paid-up members rose from 26 in 1979 to about 300 by 1985, drawn from all population groups within South Africa and even from abroad. However, public fund-raising efforts for the Foundation ceased with effect from 1985/6, as in the past the initiator had provided overwhelming financial support by way of contributions and loan capital (87.0% from inception to the 31.3.1993).

If the number or value of original works of art forming part of the PELMAMA Permanent Art Collection then being assembled is taken into consideration, such effective support rises to over 95%.

Membership reverted thereafter to the surviving original subscribers to the Memorandum of Association and the initiator (through Gallery 21 until 31.3.1993).



The original Board of Trustees changed as a result of the cessation of public fund-raising efforts. It presently consists of five members (to get an up-to-date list, please contact our office).



The Art Collection

All works of art donated over the years to The Haenggi Foundation Inc. by artists or private collectors have been passed on freely to public museums in South Africa, as part of the PELMAMA PERMANENT ART COLLECTION.

All other works were acquired by the initiator through his gallery activities in Johannesburg and were, on behalf of and in the name of The Haenggi Foundation Inc., placed mainly with museums in South Africa on varying terms, as part of the PELMAMA PERMANENT ART COLLECTION. By the end of January, 2009, all works previously on temporary loan to museums in South Africa were considered to be an outright donation to the respective museums.


Present Activities

The Haenggi Foundation Inc. continues on a care-taking and voluntary basis through the office of its initiator Fernand F. Haenggi, as trustee, in order to maintain certain copyright agreements and to disseminate worldwide awareness of its original purposes by voluntarily maintaining two websites set up in December 2000 and January 2001, viz. this site and the SITHOLE site. In addition, since then, an archival website was put up which is being expanded on a continual basis.

The offices in Johannesburg were closed mid-1994.


Current Registration, as at 2009

The Haenggi Foundation Inc. is registered with the Department of Trade and Industry South Africa (the dti) as a Section 21 Enterprise at the Companies and Intellectual Property Registration Office (CIPRO) under the new number 1978/000213/08, according to this PDF link.


Who was behind it all ?

Please click here to find out more about the initiator of this and other related Projects.


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